Our son is an avid Lady GaGa fan, and while you won’t hear Lady GaGa’s music during your stay here at Oakland Cottage B&B (unless you bring it), you may know it is being passionately listened to over and over and over again by our 13 year old son through his I-Pod earphones.

Living in an Asheville B&B is a unique experience, especially with a Teen-ager on board.  It does have advantages – he mows the lawn, rakes the leaves, helps with the trash & recycling and brings a great smile to our breakfast preparations each mornings before he heads off to school.

And he keeps us updated on all the current pop trends, like Lady GaGa, what is trending on Twitter and more.  We really are family friendly and there is a reason why.  We’re a family living at a B&B.

Never a dull moment at our house & home, here at Oakland Cottage B&B.  Come stay with us – and bring your family!