More About our Pet Friendly Asheville NC Lodging

Our Pet Friendly Asheville NC lodging: Most of our units allow pets (but not all – be sure and check). There is a $20 nightly per pet fee. Make sure your pet is claimed on your reservation. An unclaimed pet may be cause for eviction. Pets may be added as late as the day of your check-in. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your pet has been claimed, call our offices or email us. The pet fee is a permission fee, not a cleaning fee. If there is additional clean-up for your pet, additional charges will be assessed. Please review our complete Pet Stay Requirements.


  • For B&B and guest rooms, at Oakland Cottage Bed and Breakfast, 1 night’s room rate is due to hold each reservation, refundable minus a $25 booking fee per room, up until 7 days prior to the check-in date, at which time payment is due in full and non-refundable. If reserving multiple rooms or for reservations longer than 3 nights in length, 50% of the total is due and the cancellation period is compounded per room booked.  BOOK NOW!
  • For Vacation Rentals: When reserving the entire Oakland Cottage Bed and Breakfast, a Cabin Rental or Vacation Rental, two things are needed to confirm the reservation:
    1. 50% is due to hold the reservation; this amount is refundable minus a $35 booking fee up until 60 days prior to the check-in date, at which time payment is due in full and non-refundable.
    2. Acceptance to the Rental Agreement is required. You must acknowledge understanding & acceptance of our policies by filling out the form and emailing it to us. OR print sign and mail back the PDF form. We must receive this acknowledgment prior to check-in, preferably at the time the reservation is made. If you have any difficulty with either of these methods, email our offices or give us a call, 828.994.2627, 

OCCUPANCY:  For rental cabins, occupancy is restricted to the stated maximum for the property or unit. Rates are based on double occupancy per room, with additional guest fees of $10/night per guest if there are more guests than two per bedroom, up to the stated maximum occupancy. For instance, for a cabin with 4 guest rooms, the nightly rate listed will be for up to 8 guests with additional charges for each guest above the 8 guest count, up to the maximum occupancy stated.

Occupancy at Oakland Cottage B&B varies per room; rates are based on double occupancy. If a room can accommodate additional guests, there is an additional guest fee of $30 per guest per night. Children and infants are considered extra guests.

CANCELLATION POLICIES:  For B&B Guest Rooms Cancellations made within the non-cancellation period of 7 days for the B&B and 60 days for Vacation Rentals and Cabin Rentals are non-refundable. Should a cancellation occur within a non-cancellation period, we will make every effort to re-book it. If we are able to re-book the property, any amount re-booked will be refunded to you up to the full amount minus the $35 booking fee. Refunds are made within 30 days after the check-out day of the re-booked reservation. 

NO EXCEPTIONS.  Because of our small size, cancellations affect us significantly. Therefore, we adhere to a strict policy. We can not be held responsible for weather and acts of God. If you are concerned about having a last minute cancellation, we encourage you to purchase Traveler’s Insurance.

PAYMENTS: We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, personal & cashiers checks. In order to confirm & therefore hold a reservation, 50% of the total rental is due at the time the reservation is made (or within 5 business days if a personal check is being used for payment). Final & full payment is due 60 days PRIOR to check-in date. Personal checks will not be accepted less than 30 days prior to arrival


  • At the B&B: Check-in time is 3pm-7 pm. If you need to check in later than 7PM, no problem, just be sure to call for easy self check-in arrangements. Check in’s before 3PM are subject to availability. Check-out is 11AM on your check-out day.
  • For cabin rentals: check-in time is anytime after 4pm on your check-in day and check-out time is anytime before 11am on check-out day. With advance notice, it is likely that we can get you checked in at 3:00 pm and/or checked out at noon, at no additional charge. If you would like to check-in at 2:00 pm or check-out at 1:00 pm, there is a $35 charge. Should you need more than 2 hours for an early check-in or late check-out, please add a day to your reservation.

DAMAGES: You will be held financially responsible for any damages to the property or its contents that occur during your stay, or excess uncleaned messes left behind by you or members of your group. Your credit card will be held on file in lieu of any actual security/damage deposit processed. Should you wish to pay for your reservation by check and not use a credit card, a $300 security deposit will be added to your final payment – or you may submit a credit card number instead of the $300 check. The security deposit is in essence a damage deposit that ensures that our rentals are left in the condition in which renters find them. The security deposit is fully refundable if the house is found to be in satisfactory condition upon check-out; and if a deposit was paid by you, a check will be mailed to you within 30 days of your check-out. If any damages were incurred during your stay or if the house was left in an unacceptable condition, you will be made aware of the cost and the charges will be backed out of the check you submitted or charged to the card on file.

REPAIRS: Power outages and equipment failures do occur at times: electricity, heat, A/C, plumbing, WIFI, Cable, phone, appliances, hot tubs, or like equipment can not be guaranteed. NO REFUND will be made upon the failure of any equipment. Every effort will be made to make repairs as soon as possible to provide for your comfort. Do notify our offices if you discover any item that needs the attention of our maintenance or housekeeping staff. Guest authorizes Vacation-In-Asheville employees and or contractors access to the property when Vacation-In-Asheville determines that it is necessary.

ITEMS LEFT BEHIND: We are happy to mail back items left behind. Unless shipping is excessive, you can expect a flat fee of $25 assessed to return items, which includes staff time and shipping costs. Please check closets and drawers, look for phone chargers and computer plugs, check for those shoes under the bed, before you leave the premises.

DISTURBANCE: Occupancy and use of the premises and amenities shall not be in a manner that disturbs residents or other guests. Oakland Cottage has the right to terminate this agreement, ask disruptive guests to vacate and all monies will be forfeited. Absolutely no house parties, youth groups, fraternities, weddings, receptions or parties allowed. Oakland Cottage and Rentals does not rent to students or groups of students under any circumstances, even if a parent or legally responsible adult makes the reservation and/or pays the rent. If such a group attempts to occupy one of our rental properties, ALL MONIES WILL BE FORFEITED AND INDIVIDUALS WILL BE ASKED TO VACATE THE PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY. Groups: In some pre-arranged cases, receptions, dinner parties or other functions may be held at our properties. Permission must be given for such and indicated in the reservation. A minimum function fee of $200 must be collected prior to Guests’ arrival.


  • 13% State and Accommodation taxes will be applied to totals.
  • Pet fees are in addition to room, cabin or vacation rental rates and 7% state taxes are added to pet fees.  
  • Cleaning fees are in addition to, although be sure and follow the simple check out procedures found at the rental on the fridge and/or in the guest notebook. If you do not follow the easy check-out procedures, you can expect additional fees to be charged to your card on file or against the security deposit. We do not expect or want you to be cleaning on your vacation, but we do expect the property to be in a tidy, respectful condition when you leave, as you would your own home.
  • For longer stays, you may also wish to hire extra housekeeping services, which may be added to your reservation at $75 per visit of up to 3 hours, $20 each additional hour if more than 3 hours are requested. Advance notice is needed in order to schedule staff and may be made for times between 9 am and 5 pm daily, of your choice during your stay.

Pet Stay Requirements

Please review the following information for our Pet Friendly Asheville NC Lodging. Once you have read it, please put a check in the box below, provide your e-mail address, and click submit. This confirms that you have read, understood, and agreed to the list of pet friendly policies below. If you have any questions about these policies, please call us toll free at (866) 858-0863. Thank you for helping us remain a pet-friendly company!

Most of our units allow pets. There is a $20 nightly per pet fee. Make sure your pet is claimed on your reservation. An unclaimed pet may be cause for eviction. Pets may be added as late as the day of your check-in. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your pet has been claimed, call our offices or email us. Acceptance of the Pet Agreement is required when bringing a pet and may be submitted online by entering the requested data below. The pet fee is a non-refundable permission fee, not a cleaning fee. If there is additional clean-up for your pet, additional charges will be assessed.

Upon your request, a “pet package” will be supplied for your pet stay that includes a sheet to protect furniture and pet cleaning towels.

  • Please keep your pet(s) on a leash when not in your room. No pets should run loose or be unattended. There is a county leash law. In addition, we require pets to be leashed at all times due to resident animals and the ample wildlife. We would hate for your pet or ours to get hurt in some way while unleashed.
  • If you are staying in a room or Suite at Oakland Cottage Bed and Breakfast, pets are not allowed in the dining area, nor are they allowed to wander freely about the Inn (unless you have a group that has booked the entire Inn). Other guests may not have the tolerance or like for animals that you have, so be respectful of other guests at the Inn.
  • Please clean any pet waste out of the yard and place it in a small trash bag, then put the “doggie bag” in the large curbside trash can, which may be found outside on the property grounds.
  • Do not let your pet onto the furniture or beds. Housekeeping can tell & additional cleaning fees will be assessed if there is evidence of pets on furniture.
  • Crate your pet inside if you leave your pet unattended – we have found that pets are very uncomfortable when left alone in a “strange” house. This is when they often “misbehave” and cause problems (chew, go to the bathroom, have a “tantrum”, etc!). Usually, pets are more comfortable in the crate when you leave because it is “their space”.
  • The pet fee is a privilege fee, not a cleaning or damage fee! If any of the above requirements are not met, a fee will be assessed and added to your bill.
  • If the pet makes excess noise or disturbance to neighbors or others in the B&B, you must be willing to kennel your pet. We can recommend several area kennels.
  • Please help us to keep this home a Pet Friendly Asheville NC place, and leave no reminders that your pet was here!

Acknowledge your understanding of our Pet Friendly Asheville NC Policies by filling out the form below. Your pet and other pet owners appreciate this, and so do we!