Reindeer Food Recipe:

It is helpful for Santa’s Reindeer to keep their stamina throughout Christmas Eve – here’s what we do in Asheville, NC to help – we set out Reindeer Food every year on Christmas Eve and this recipe seems to work well:

  • 1 Cup raw Oatmeal – instant or old fashioned (Even oatmeal flavored packets work well)
  • 1 or 2 Tablespoons Glitter
  • Mix together in a zip lock baggie and shake well
  • Put on a cookie sheet or a recycled shirt-box-top and spread out over the cookie sheet or box top
  • Set out around 8:00 pm on Christmas Eve: in your back yard, on the back deck, front door step, roof of the house or at the fireplace hearth, really, just about anywhere  (we have set the cookie sheet out on our back deck every year and this seems to work really well – every year, the Reindeer food is gone in the morning and presents are under the tree – oh yea!)
  • Write a letter to let the Reindeer that you have put food out for them – they are in a hurry and might not know you have done this if you don’t alert them
It’s that simple.  And if you are traveling over the holidays, this is an easy recipe to pre-make and take with you where-ever your travels might be taking you.  Have a wonderful Christmas, 2012, safe travels, and don’t forget to feed the reindeer.
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